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Inside edition 11...

Yes again, more EXCLUSIVE in-depth articles that can only be found in ScooterNova magazine, including:

Three GENUINE LD Riviera scooters from the 1950s

A Way Of Life – a very tasty Vespa combo with eye-catching airbrush artwork

Vittorio Tessera on Lambretta in Israel and frame number anomalies

Sticky rides a rare Ducati designed by Ghia

Johnny Lambrettista talks polishing

The Pondering Prince in Africa riding possibly the toughest scooter rally in the world

Flea rides into Europe on his Lui in search of a hillbilly music festival

Trixie and friends go mud-plugging on mopeds

The Garagista’s Scooter Car (part Vespa, part VW, part Triumph Herald!)

A pair of tasty 60s Lambrettas built for speed and the street,

PLUS reviews from Bridlington and Antwerp custom shows as well as an Awfully Pleasant weekend by the sea, the 2018 BSRA champions tell us about their year, Iggy reports the news from Milan, reviews of stuff we like and all on 100 pages of quality paper with minimal advertising, credible articles with integrity and depth.

By scooterists, for scooterists.

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Current issue – 11

What’s inside number 11?