February 1960 – Snow & Lambretta holiday guide!

Power & Pedal, Feb 1960

Power & Pedal, Feb 1960

With snow falling in Great Britain in February 2015, it seemed the perfect time to share this cover from an old British magazine from 55 years ago, the February 1960 edition of ‘Power & Pedal with the Scooter’.

Despite the cold looking cover (how jealous we are that it seems easier to ride Lambrettas in the snow when in the Swiss Alps, rather than along slushy roads in England!), Lambretta Concessionaires were helping owners look forward to the summer with the offer of a FREE holiday guide, available by post.

P&P with the Scooter, 1960

P&P with the Scooter, 1960.

The ‘Lambretta Holiday’ guide was packed full of “vital information” to help readers plan the holiday of a lifetime – obviously on their Lambrettas – to “gay, picturesque and historical places on the Continent and throughout Britain.”

Coincidentally this very weekend we’ve been discussing similar issues, with a reminder that someone’s passport is up for renewal very soon. Get around better (get a new passport!), travel Lambretta.

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