Lambretta Concessionaires Warehouse 1960

Have you ever seen photographs of the Lambretta Concessionaires Warehouse in London and wondered how they got the scooters to the upper floors? Well this photo may well satisfy your curiosity…

Taken in November 1960 at Lambretta Concessionaires warehouse in south London, this photograph shows the Series 2 models arriving via an escalator type conveyor-belt on an upper floor for storage. The scooters with a dual bench seats are TV175 models, most of which appear to be all finished in one colour. Those with twin saddles we assume are all LI models, some of which have painted panels and horn-casts in contrasting colours which was a feature sometimes added at Lambretta Concessionaires in the UK to aid sales.
On the far left is an interesting scooter in that it appears to have it’s front mudguard painted in two colours, not a standard feature of either the Innocenti factory or Lambretta Concessionaires, so presumably either a special order or maybe a scooter that was customised for promotional purposes?

Lambretta Concessionaires, 1960.

Lambretta Concessionaires, 1960.

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    • In 1960 Lambretta Concessionaires had moved into the Trojan Works, Purley Way in Croydon. Whether this photograph was taken there however or at their previous place (Wimbledon, SW20) we don’t know for sure.

  1. I worked for Lambretta Trojan group from 1957 ish until 1966 . I think this picture may be from the Wimbledon building. They were a super firm to work for and I have some wonderful memories from those days. James Agg was a such a nice guy . He arranged for me to go to Innachenti in Milan for a year , which was a great influence on my later business career. I also remember his PA Mrs Calder, also a lovely lady. Is any one still out there?

  2. That’s good to know if you have contact , pass on my comments. I also referred to James Agg it was his son Peter that I should have referred to
    Dave L

  3. Hi, my sister, Sylvia Allen only worked there for a short while in about 1962-3. She was about 18-20 at the time. I live in Weston-super-Mare and visited the Lambretta museum a few years back. They had just managed to retrieve the massive blue “Lambretta Concessionaires” sign that was on the outside of the building. It was so large they had to break into 2 pieces to transport it. I had a large overhaul done on my GT200 at Lambretta Concessionaires.

  4. Hi, Further to my earlier reply I have spoken to my sister and her husband John helped her with his diary:

    “I asked John if he could remember whether I was working for Lambretta when we first met. He immediately responded that he remembered going to a social function at the Orchid ballroom! He has just checked his diary for 1963 – as well he kept it – and has found that we went to a Lambretta function at the Orchid Ballroom, Purley on October 1 1963. It was a Tuesday and he was impressed at the good turn out.

    I think two of the people at the Lambretta office came to our wedding.
    Cannot remember names but one was an elderly lady called Mrs Black and the other was another Sylvia with a husband who was a diabetic whose name was Alan who eventually died because he couldn’t keep off alcohol.
    If we find out any more will pass it on.

    Not sure when I left there. I cannot believe I was travelling between Beckenham and Purley Way to work. ”


  5. I worked at Lambretta/Trojan from Jan 1963 in the workshop servicing and putting the front ends on new Li Mk 3’s ect my foerman was Tony Sutton and then Vernon Laville it was a great working there I can remember most of the guys who taught me about the Lambretta’s, George Sargon, Nick Yates, Colin Davis, Dick Sedgeley, Brian Tunnycliff. in the reception was a big guy called Brian Gibbs, I can remember he asked me to move his car a Vanguard beetle back, I reversed into a post by accident he was not impressed. anyway after nearly fifty years I think I could still strip down and rebuild lambretta’s to include LD’S ect. if anyone remembers me please say.
    Mick Green, PS I was 15 years old then.

  6. i worked at lambretta works in the sixties as a mechanic in the service workshops not just on lambrettas but also iso gruff and iso revolt sports cars which lambretta also had some sort of concession for,the works were in the trojan works up a short road of of purely way,as you came in trojan was directly in front of you and lambretta occupied the premisses on the right,uptake next street along the road was another well known name ,walls ice cream.i used to travel from sidcup to croydon,purleyway on the green line bus everyday to work and back.i am now 72 years old and working on three moto rums for myself,a junior gentleman,a formachino and a sciottolo.

  7. I worked in the Purley Way site in the late fifties in the spares dept. I can recall one of the first minicars was delivered to the factory which caused quite a stir, also recall the Go-Carts and they used to test them on the forecourt. I recall a Jean also in spares and a girl with Auburn hair in the office who I wished I had get to know better!

  8. I also worked at Concessionaires Purley Way in the early sixties. I was based in the Technical Office working with Rex White and Tony Sutton. The secretary was a lady called Myrtle. I well remember Brian Gibbs nicknamed Gibbo who had a blue Vanguard car with the odd black door or was it the other way round! A real character who contributed to the great working environment at the time. Gibbo would frequently invite me to join him at his ‘canteen’ lunchtime opposite namely the Orange Cafe. When I first joined I remember being shown a warehouse by Peter Baker almost full of Rallymasters mostly red striped but about 20% being blue. We had two 2 Field Technical Representatives namely Dick Beel and Dougie Bedford. Eric Allvey ran the Parts Department. I also remember some of the Sales Representatives Nick Hands, Graham Goodman, Eric Hobbs, Alan Kimber.

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