(Lambretta) mopeds at Dawn!

Rimini Lambretta Centre.

Rimini Lambretta Centre.

Lambretta Luna range scooters are like Marmite, you either love the little chicken-chasers or you don’t.

If you do, then these new exhaust pipes might be just the thing you’re looking for – over the top accessories for sub-100cc scooters don’t come more ‘in ya face’ than this!

Rimini Lambretta Centre

Rimini Lambretta Centre

To quote Rimini Lambretta Centre who unearthed these rare 1960s accessories, “There’s mad….and then there’s bonkers. And here it is!”

This is a 4 pipe ‘Power Stack’ Fiar exhaust for 4-speed Lambretta Vega, Cometa and Lui 75cc scooters. They’ve got this and also another one for 3-speed Lui 50 models as well and before they put them up for sale, they fitted them to two scooters to see how they sound.

As you can see they look the part, and there’s a video as well for your audio pleasure… Some times you just have to, right?

One thought on “(Lambretta) mopeds at Dawn!

  1. Never liked the Luna range…they were “too modern” for me. You could pick second hand ones up for peanuts back in the day. In retrospect I was an idiot. The Luna range were way ahead of their time… and the buying public weren’t ready for them. Today, I love them. Properly funky, and they’re right at the RLC; those pipes are BONKERS! I love them too!

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