Piaggio Vespa Pole Position Trophy – Nelson Piquet

With the Japanese Formula 1 Grand Prix about to get underway within a few hours, it reminded me how things were almost 20 years ago.

Nelson Piquet in 1984 having won another Vespa PX!

Nelson Piquet in 1984 having won another Vespa PX!

These days top of the range cars (mostly German I think) are given away to drivers who achieve Pole position in Qualifying. Back in 1984 however Piaggio sponsored the trophy and the prize back then was a brand new Vespa PX.

Searching for a rare image of such an occasion I came across this on the Nelson Piquet Jr site of the young driver’s dad. Nelson Senior won so many Pole Positions back in the 1980s it led to Piaggio doing a deal with him for a range of branded Vespa accessories, some of which are pretty sought after today.

Oh and I have a Vespa Pole Position scooter too, but that’s another story…

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