Scomadi 50 & 125 – Latest news

Scomadi 50

Scomadi 50

It seems the new Scomadi scooters are proving popular here in the UK, so we thought we’d bring you a little  update on what’s been going on.

Following the promo video launched in September 2014, The first 50cc production models arrived in Great Britain towards the end of 2014, and were sent immediately to Scomadi dealers where the TL 50 retails at £1897 plus otr costs for a single colour model, or £1997 plus otr for a dual colour scooter.

Scomadi then announced a ‘crowd funding’ scheme to finance the building of the TL300, such was the demand ahead of their projected plans, so as to bring a limited number of the high-powered models to the market in June 2015. The scheme closed in December 2014.

Scomadi 125

Scomadi 125

January 2015 and Scomadi have announced both prices for the TL125 model, which will be £2495 for a single colour and £2595 for a dual coloured scooters (both prices plus otr costs), as well as expected delivery dates of April 2015. Like the 50 the TL125 will be produced in China and be powered by a locally sourced 4-stroke auto engine.

For more details and dealers visit the Scomadi website.

(all photos copyright Scomadi/ PM Tuning)

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