Remade Lambretta parts and kits for smallies

Casa Lambretta have been busy of late, which readers of ScooterNova magazine will know from our ‘New products’ pages.
Their latest announcement is that Continue reading

Lambretta Starsteam film – new footage added to website

Screen grab from main Scooternova website

Screen grab from main Scooternova website

For those that like a bit of nostalgia, we’ve been trawling the internet while it was too cold to play in the shed and found a load of new-old scooter adverts and films which we’ve posted on to our main Scooternova website.

We will link a few here over coming weeks for your pleasure and to begin with, from around 1966/67, an Italian advert by Innocenti for the (then) new 4-speed Lambretta 125 Starsteam scooter.

Click here for the film link, or click on the screen grab above. Enjoy!