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Edition 16 of ScooterNova is well on the way to completion and we’re pretty excited about what’s inside! Not only some great articles, but we’re also doing something a little special for all those who subscribe to the magazine.

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Next stop Mersea Island

After a wonderful weekend on the Isle of Wight over the August Bank Holiday, we are heading over to Essex this weekend to sunny Mersea Island scooter rally.

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Lambretta with real poke!


When Innocenti first launched their Lambretta scooters, they were simply a cheap form of transport for the masses. By the late 1960s however, the Lambretta was Continue reading

The liquid-cooled Vespa GS that never happened

Paolo Martin is an Italian car designer who has also dabbled with two wheelers as well over the years.

Paolo Martin with the Vespa GS H2O.

Paolo Martin with the Vespa GS H2O.

Amongst others, he’s known for his work with names such as Bertone and Pininfarina during the 1960s, De Tomaso, Ghia in the 1970s, designing and styling cars for brands like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Fiat. He’s also done some work for Piaggio, as the image above may suggest…

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New Lambretta lookalike for 2014 – Scomadi to launch at Eicma

Scomadi leaflet

Scomadi leaflet

British company Scomadi have announced they will launch their new range of scooters at Eicma, aka Milan Motorcycle Show next week in Italy.

A few years ago a couple of businesses on the North West got together to create a classic styled scooter with a modern automatic engine. PM Tuning and Scooter Innovation (aka Lambretta Innovation)’s first offering were titled Series 4 and Series 5, built to order and based around the styling of the Lambretta GL/ dl range which was originally design for Innocenti by Bertone.

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