Mike Karslake’s Lambretta & sidecar combo

Mike Karslake racing his Lambretta combo back in the early 1970s.

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Rare Lambretta Standard for sale

'Lambretta Standard' from Brazil.

‘Lambretta Standard’ from Brazil.

For those that didn’t know, there was a factory producing Lambretta scooters in Brazil from the 1950s until possibly as late as the 1980s, although those late models were in fact derivatives of the old Lambretta 3-wheeler which at first glance looked little like the vehicles they were based upon (they also produced them in Colombia, as we’ve posted in the past here).

But back to the Standard pictured in this post.

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Vespa 946 – would you buy one?

Back in November 2011, Piaggio announced a new Vespa to their range, the Vespa Quarantasei, aka the Vespa 46.

The Piaggio MP6 prototype from 1946.

The Piaggio MP6 prototype from 1946.

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