Extreme Vespas of Indonesia

We kicked off ScooterNova magazine back in 2017 with an article in edition 1 on the Extreme Vespas of Indonesia, courtesy of Swiss author dMatto who had written a book about the subject, albeit in German.

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4-seater Lambretta Limo for sale

Lambretta Limo

Lambretta Limo

Earlier this week we posted about a 5-wheeled Vespa, and now we have a 4-seater Lambretta, where  Continue reading

The World’s Lowest Vespa? Check out this video!

There’s little more to add to this other than if you want to see possibly the maddest looking, low-rider Vespa being ridden on  public road – three-up – and you don’t live in Indonesia, then spend 40 seconds of your life watching this video. You won’t regret it!