ScooterNova magazine – international and national postage savings

Since the launch of ScooterNova magazine in 2017, as well as covering Great Britain we’ve attracted a number of overseas readers throughout Europe as well as from America, Asia, Africa and Australia too. We understand that Continue reading

2017 Euro Lambretta Italy via Scotland

DSCN424219The Euro Lambretta 70th anniversary rally had long been anticipated.  Everyone has their own story to tell and we’ve been following their fun and exploits on blogs and social media over the past couple of weeks.

Our own story started by Continue reading

The Lambretta Elegant – a coals to Newcastle story?


So we all know that the Lambretta was created by Innocenti in Italy, but what happened when Innocenti closed their Continue reading

Vespa (Ape) On Ice!

ape ice

No folks, this is not a festive show featuring beloved childhood cartoon characters held at Wembley Arena, but instead a form of scooter racing to while away the winter months… Continue reading

Twin Town Courier’s Slovenian Success


Some of you may know of the freelance journalist from Scootering magazine by the name of Sticky. His latest venture is to ride a Lambretta around Europe visiting ‘twin towns’, his latest blog uncovering the fact* that Slovenians “speak better English than  Continue reading

The 1962 Lambretta Rally to Istanbul (video)

lam_Istanbul_rally_62Back in 1962, Lambrettista from all over Europe rode to Istanbul for a big international Lambretta scooter rally there. Those attending included scooterists from Scandinavia, Spain and the UK, many of those attending riding all the way there from their home countries. Continue reading

Italy to Istanbul on Frankenstein’s Scooters

Maicoletta scooter with a 400cc Suzuki motorcycle engine, and a 186cc kitted Lambretta.

Maicoletta scooter with a 400cc Suzuki motorcycle engine, and a 186cc kitted Lambretta.

Last year freelance scooter journalist Sticky took a riding holiday from Italy to Istanbul with his family aboard some truly Frankenstein-like scooters. Continue reading