A closer look at the Dystopian Project

There are those who ‘fettle’ in their sheds, some simply ‘maintain’. There are a few however with the ability to ‘create’ and the Dystopian Project scooter is the result of Continue reading

The new ScooterNova magazine has landed*

While snow is falling around western Europe possibly in amounts only our Scandinavian readers are prepared for, brave postal delivery people are making sure that the sound of the new ScooterNova magazine falling onto door mats across the nation cheers people up in these cold months! Continue reading

The Vespa Cosa – How they got there.

Cosa brochure from Germany.

Cosa brochure from Germany.

We’ve brought you a few posts from the pen of Paolo Martin in the past, but here’s scooter he drew that finally became a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the much maligned Piaggio Vespa Cosa.

When the Cosa arrived at the end of the 1980s, it was met with a less Continue reading

S&S Scooter Porn

Tuned Vespa engine by Scooter & Service, Hamurg.

Tuned Vespa engine by Scooter & Service, Hamburg.

No, this is not a vain attempt to draw your eyes in with a misleading title (hands up who read S&M Porn then, hey?). This is in fact a gorgeous example of a Vespa engine that’s not only been tuned for performance but finished to catch your eye as well. Continue reading