LML – What does the future hold?

Apparently Piaggio’s Vespa LX is a popular scooter amongst female riders in India, so LML have decided blinkered marketing is the way forward!

The story of LML scooters is a chequered one, probably more so than any other Italian scooter that ended up being produced in India. But what lies ahead for  Continue reading

Rumour Mill – a new Bajaj Chetak for 2017

Once a scooter with a waiting list measured in years, the Vespa derived Bajaj Chetak was a mainstay of the Indian nation for decades. And then one day, in  Continue reading

Afrophenia – Lambrettas & Vespas on tour

Afrophenia 2015

Afrophenia 2015

There’s nothing like going on adventures on your scooters, and if you can record it all to share with other scooterists  Continue reading

Vespa – on top of the World!


For those who don’t know of her, Juvena Huang, aka the Wandering Wasp is a young lady that decided that riding a Vespa was the best way to travel from her native Singapore to  Continue reading

Vietnam by Vespa – Touring with caution


Fancy some scootering while on holiday? We recently came across this story on

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