New Scooter T-shirts website – stock and custom designs

screen-shot-2016-11-24-at-20-17-40Our friends over at Crusader T-Shirts have dropped us a line to say that their new website is now online, up and Continue reading

Tucano Urbano support Isle of Wight scooter rally

tucano faceItalian clothing company Tucano Urbano have announced they will be supporting the BSRA Isle of Wight scooter rally again this year, in a variety of ways. Firstly, there will Continue reading

The Beatniks promo video (yes… with scooters!)


We came across this video the other day and while the single isn’t due for release until the end of January, we thought Continue reading

Vespa 50 Special – Fully Loaded (Pt. 2)

Following on from our previous post…

Bryn Owen on his Vespa 50

Bryn Owen on his Vespa 50

The owner and creator of this scooter was one Bryn Owen from Market Bosworth near Continue reading

Vespa 50 Special – fully loaded!

The humble Vespa 50 Special was the first scooter for many turning 16 during the 1980s here in the UK.
Understandably it became the transport of choice for many a young aspiring Mod, but could you imagine it would cope with this many optional accessories?
Truly a peacock amongst scooters!

**(Check out our new, updated article on this scooter, posted 1 March 2015)

Bryn on his Vespa 50 Special (early 1980s).

Bryn on his Vespa 50 Special (early 1980s).

Who is Lord Lambretta?

Back in 2013 this Lambretta TV scooter was spotted in the car park at the House of Lords. They didn’t know then who the rider was, and it seems we still don’t – can anyone shed any light on the peer rider yet?


Read the original story at the Huffington Post.

Lambretta with SX Appeal


Some old adverts appear timeless and this one from the mid-sixties is a good example. And what a great slogan too! So good in fact that car manufacturer Datsun used it in the 1970s too.

datsun sx


Lambretta clothing – cheapening the name further?

(image from

(image from Denims4u)

Bad news for those of us who already think that those involved in licensing the Lambretta name to put on clothing, deodorant, and other non-scooter related products have cheapened the reputation of this famous scooter too much already. It seems that it is all about to get even cheaper still… Continue reading

Carnaby Street, London, 1967

Carnaby Street, 1967.

Carnaby Street, 1967.

London’s Carnaby Street in 1967 with a Lambretta TV parked closest to the camera.

This image is from a postcard so I’m sorry but we cannot provide any further information that what we can see. Still, it’s a lovely old photograph that deserves to be viewed, doesn’t it?

Pinball Wizard – Wanna be one of the faces?

The Who‘s Tommy gets the ‘Super DeLuxe’ treatment and is re-released with bonus tracks in November.

The launch party takes place at a secret location in London (by which they mean yet to be announced to avoid hundreds of fans turning up unannounced) on 22nd October 2013, and Vespa are offering five lucky people the chance to each win a pair of tickets to this exclusive event.

Their blurb reads, “sign up below for the chance to win a pair of tickets to join Pete Townshend & Roger Daltrey at the Tommy Launch Party”, although whether you’ll get the chance to meet two of rock’s great icons is unknown. At the launch you will also apparently get to see the brand new documentary ‘Sensation – The Story of The Who’s Tommy’.

For more details on how to enter (and you’d better be quick) go to the Vespa Facebook page, although we had to sign in to Facebook to find all of their posts. But hey, haven’t most people signed up by now?

Tommy - the DeLuxe edition

Tommy – the DeLuxe edition