Modern retro crash helmets from Premier

premier helmet

premier helmet

As nice as having the wind blowing through your hair may be, you can’t beat a full-face crash helmet for keep the wind and rain off your face and also protection should you come a cropper. Now while retro is good, helmets from yesteryear aren’t exactly the safest today, but Premier helmets of Italy have a solution for that… Continue reading

The Vespa Sei Giorni scooter – 1951

Back in the early 1950s, both Piaggio and Innocenti were going head to head to show the world that their Vespa and Lambretta scooters were the best.

As well as competing directly from the factory with specially prepared machines, the growing popularity of the Vespa meant many owners, fans and local dealers wanted to compete in some form of motor sport on these once humble scooters. Piaggio, having their collective heads screwed on, decided this was a great idea and later produced a very limited production run of special scooters for this very task.

sei giorni_02

Vespa Sei Giorni scooters at Monza, 1951.

Piaggio’s thinking made sense; with local riders taking part in events it promoted the Vespa brand for them,
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