The Vespa Cosa – How they got there.

Cosa brochure from Germany.

Cosa brochure from Germany.

We’ve brought you a few posts from the pen of Paolo Martin in the past, but here’s scooter he drew that finally became a reality. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the much maligned Piaggio Vespa Cosa.

When the Cosa arrived at the end of the 1980s, it was met with a less Continue reading

The Vespa Sport 200 concept scooter

Another concept scooter from the pen of designer Paolo Martin.


Paolo Martin’s 1984 drawing of the Vespa 200 Sport.

This is the Vespa Sport 200 and Martin’s drawings are dated 1984. This puts this scooter on the drawing board around the same time as the Vespa T5, and also while Piaggio were sponsoring the Pole Position trophy for the Formula 1 race series. Continue reading

The liquid-cooled Vespa GS that never happened

Paolo Martin is an Italian car designer who has also dabbled with two wheelers as well over the years.

Paolo Martin with the Vespa GS H2O.

Paolo Martin with the Vespa GS H2O.

Amongst others, he’s known for his work with names such as Bertone and Pininfarina during the 1960s, De Tomaso, Ghia in the 1970s, designing and styling cars for brands like Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Fiat. He’s also done some work for Piaggio, as the image above may suggest…

It would appear Martin drew a car for Piaggio and also some mopeds, for both Piaggio and the Gilera brand which they also own. But of course it is the Vespas we want to know more about, isn’t it. Continue reading