Scooterist Meltdown, Wunderland, Kalkar, Germany 2018

Spirit of 84 Scooterists have been putting on this pre-season winter warmer event since 2013.

It’s an all-inclusive treat set in the surreal surroundings of a Continue reading

Cleethorpes scooter rally – a thank you video

DSCN5447loSNAfter a wonderful weekend at Cleethorpes Scooter Rally, with beautiful weather both for the ride there and back as well as the rally itself, we decided to put this little video together as a  Continue reading

2017 Euro Lambretta Italy via Scotland

DSCN424219The Euro Lambretta 70th anniversary rally had long been anticipated.  Everyone has their own story to tell and we’ve been following their fun and exploits on blogs and social media over the past couple of weeks.

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BSRA Isle of Wight International Scooter Rally

It’s a long way off, with many miles to cover before August, but with an end of June deadline on winning AAA tickets, we thought we’d share this early.  We haven’t missed many Isle of Wight rallies over the years so it’s interesting to look back at how it’s evolved; from a basic field full of like-minded friends to an island wide festival and (almost) back again. With music festivals almost every weekend in the summer, it’s not just the entertainment that attracts so many. There’s no denying that it certainly is a spectacle to see so many scooters all in one place.

IOW Scooter Rally

IOW Scooter Rally

To help us all save our pennies for beer tokens, VFM have sent their Agent Lamb to negotiate a 20% discount with Red Funnel ferries for scooters only when you book online.

Another opportunity for some savings Get to SLUK for a chance to win AAA tickets:

Win a pair of AAA VFM passes for the Isle of Wight | RETRO

Number 7 in the BSRA Best Supporting Member Championship and rally number 18 in the LCGB Riders Championship, scooter riders from all over will be there to enjoy the sights and the smell of two stroke as our small wheels invade the Isle of Wight this August Bank Holiday.

For more info :see BSRA Facebook and  BSRA Scooter Rallies website

Something old, something new : Scomadi TL200

Scooternova is all about the old.  We love our scootering heritage and have collected an extensive personal archive of magazines, photographs, literature and memorabilia over many years.  Lambrettas, Vespas and all the other wild and wonderful scooters that we have owned, ridden and swooned over.

New Scomadi TL200

New Scomadi TL200

Scooternova is all about Scooters.  When a British company take a leap of faith to build a new scooter for our scene, then we’re interested.  We’re not the only ones.  A new vibrant and interactive scooter website has an exclusive report and technical video for you to enjoy.

Scomadi TL200

Scomadi TL200


2016 BSRA Championship

In just a few weeks it will be Easter and the BSRA (British Scooter Rallies Association) solo rider and club championship for 2016 will start at Whitby National Scooter Rally.

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Scooter riders braving the cold for charity

Two massive scooter riding charity events have been going on this week : Breasticle Run and the Testicle Shootout II

Breasticle Run and Testicle Shootout II

Cancer is a C**T Charity Rides 2016

Breasticle Run

Between 17th and 19th of February 2016 four lovely ladies are riding their geared Italian scooters almost 1,000 miles around the southern coast and counties of England to raise money for Cancer related charities. A number of themed fund raising activities will be taking place en route and they welcome other riders and hot beverages along the way. 

You can track their route here

You can make donations and find out more on their Facebook page


Testicle Shootout II

While the ladies are out braving the winter weather, the lads are having a Vespa vs Lambretta shootout on the good old LeJog.

In 2014 a team of Lambretta enthusiasts took on a challenge in aid of Cancer is a C***! They aimed to do it in 48hrs or less but actually completed it in 56 hrs. Not too shabby! This year they aim to better their time, same route but not only battling the elements and the clock but also a team of Vespa riders travelling in the opposite direction.
That age old argument “Which is the better scooter?” is about to be answered, first team over the finish line obviously have far superior scooters and are much better riders! 

More information on their Facebook page

You can track Team Vespa and Team Lambretta to keep abreast of their progress!

The riders will all be meeting up in Rainham, Kent for a weekend of fun and fundraising.

If you get a chance, get down to see which team is back first.  Obviously I’m not biased but I’ll be shouting out for the girls!!