Lambrettas from Spain

For those that didn’t know, Innocenti issued a licence for Lambretta scooters to be manufactured in Spain and production there continued long after it ceased in Italy, finally coming to a halt around 1989.


This advertisement is one of our favourites from the Spanish concern, Serveta, dating from the early to mid-1970s.

For those who want more, see our previous posts here and a slightly more tenuous link here.

EuroLambretta 2015 – Austria


For many Lambrettisti, the annual pilgrimage to the Euro Jamboree of Lambretta enthusiasts is the pinnacle of their season’s riding, and this year’s event is Continue reading

Photos from Bridlington Scooter Trade & Custom Show

So there we were at the Bridlington Trade & Custom Show at the weekend, the final event in the BSRA calendar for 2014. It was a long ride up but the show and in particular the scooters on display made it more than worth it.vespas brid Continue reading

50 Years of the Arthur Francis S-Type Lambretta

Lambretta S-Type.

Lambretta S-Type.

This weekend AF Rayspeed in Yorkshire hosted an open day to celebrate 50 years of the AF S-Type dealer special Lambretta.

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Euro Lambretta Austria 2015 – a video teaser

If you enjoyed this year’s Euro Lambretta as much as we did, then take a look at this neat little promo video of 2015’s rally, courtesy of the Lambretta Club of Austria. We’re looking forward to it already!

EuroLambretta 2014 – Welcome to Davos, Switzerland


Here are a few photographs direct from the 2014 EuroLambretta rally in (mainly) sunny Switzerland. We had a great ride with some amazing scenery, fantastic roads, plenty of twist mountain passes and good friends.

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Free Tax for Classic Scooters


While currently all vehicles in the UK are considered ‘historic’ for road tax (or Vehicle Excise Duty) purposes if manufactured prior to 1 January 1973, it seems that in the latest Government budget a decision has been made to revert to a rolling system. This will begin on 1 April 2014 and will be update annually to include 40-year-old vehicles. More details to be found on the Scootering magazine website.

Scooter Rallies 2014 – BSRA, VFM, SWSC, LCGB, SCSW, Scottish No1s Dates

At the Bridlington Trade & Custom Show this weekend the BSRA (British Scooter Riders Association) got together to discus dates for British scooter rallies during 2014.


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It was good to see a new venue for 2014 at Newark (30 years since the last rally there) but there were no real surprises elsewhere, which is a shame as some venues / towns are certainly getting a bit predictable. Anyway, here is the list of National Scooter Rallies for 2014.

18-21 April/ Easter – Whitby (Yorkshire)

2-5 May Day Bank Holiday – Tenby (Pembrokeshire, Wales)

23-26 May Bank Holiday – Kelso (Scottish Borders, Scotland)

20-22 June – Newark (Nottinghamshire)

4-6 July – Cleethorpes (Lincolnshire)

25-27 July – Weston-super-Mare (Somerset)

22-25 August – Isle of Wight

29-31 August – Mersea Island (Essex)

19-21 September – Woolacombe (Devon)

24-26 October – Bridlington (Yorkshire)



We have published an updated list of rallies and events here, together with useful web links too.

The Colombian Lambretta Factory

Continuing our photographs of old scooter factories (and let’s face, what’s not to like about delving into this kind of history?), here’s a shot of the Auteco Lambretta factory on Colombia that has been used by Scooter Restorations in their advertising material in the past.

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Lambretta Factory – Eibar, Spain

I can’t remember where i found this photograph so apologies to whomever first uploaded it (let me know and I’ll give you the credit, it’s well deserved!).

Anyway, I fell in love with this image straight away, of a chap working the metal presses in what must have been a very hot and noisy job. As you can see, a pair of Lambretta Series 2 panels are stamped out of one piece of steel, the factory worker about to offer them into the next machine for trimming.

The Spanish factory suffered plenty of turmoil throughout the 1970s and 80s until it eventually closed, but it was just one of those towns you had to visit on your Lambretta one day – so we did back in 2010 on trip down the west coast through France from England.

Li Series 2 panels being produced at the Lambretta factory in Eibar, Spain.

Li Series 2 panels being produced at the Lambretta factory in Eibar, Spain.