Remade Lambretta parts and kits for smallies

Casa Lambretta have been busy of late, which readers of ScooterNova magazine will know from our ‘New products’ pages.
Their latest announcement is that Continue reading

Vespa beats Lambretta in 2-stroke battle

British Vespa advert, 1968

British Vespa advert, 1968

It’s a common misconception that the first Vespas fitted with 2-stroke oil injection were the P-range models of the 70s and Continue reading

Project 5 – another Butcher Garage Vespa


In October of last year we brought you news and pictures of a couple of stunning Vespas  from behind the former Iron Curtain, and now, 12 months later here’s Continue reading

Euro Lambretta Austria 2015 – a video teaser

If you enjoyed this year’s Euro Lambretta as much as we did, then take a look at this neat little promo video of 2015’s rally, courtesy of the Lambretta Club of Austria. We’re looking forward to it already!

The Innocenti Lambretta Factory – from Specials to J range

We love looking at old scooter factory images because A) we love old scooters, and B) they can often reveal a few extra details that scooter anoraks (like us!) find REALLY interesting.
Take this photograph here for example, from circa 1965 we reckon. For a start, it’s a wonderful snapshot of Lambretta production lines in Milan during the mid-1960s, both the beginning and the end by the looks of it. But there’s more…
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