Bridlington Trade & Custom Show and new ScooterNova magazine

The nights are drawing in, October is almost over, which can only mean it’s time again for the annual BSRA Scooter Trade & Custom Show. Held again this year at The Spa Complex in Bridlington, Yorkshire, it all begins this Friday the 26th October at the Spa where the Continue reading

Wake Up – ScooterNova 10 is on its way!

Edition 10 of ScooterNova magazine is being finished, ready to be sent to the printers next week. We’re very excited and proud to announce that of the many exclusive features inside we have the famous 1980s show-winning custom scooter of Jeremy Howlett, Wake! Now with a new owner and painstakingly restored to  Continue reading

Lambretta Gun For Sale (part of!)

s-l1600I’m sure most scooterists have seen or know of the French made military Vespa with built-in gun, but how many knew that Lambrettas were also  Continue reading

Who is Lord Lambretta?

Back in 2013 this Lambretta TV scooter was spotted in the car park at the House of Lords. They didn’t know then who the rider was, and it seems we still don’t – can anyone shed any light on the peer rider yet?


Read the original story at the Huffington Post.

50 Years of the Arthur Francis S-Type Lambretta

Lambretta S-Type.

Lambretta S-Type.

This weekend AF Rayspeed in Yorkshire hosted an open day to celebrate 50 years of the AF S-Type dealer special Lambretta.

Continue reading

World Cup Fever – Brazilian Lambrettas

Lambretta Brazil

Lambretta do Brasil

Okay so it’s a tenuous link, but hey, we like scooters and it seems a topical time to return to some of those from southern America, okay? Continue reading

Rare Lambretta TV175 Series 2 Prototype Photographs

Lambretta TV prototype

Lambretta TV prototype

For those not in the know, a chap by the name of Vittorio Tessera is the man behind the Casa Lambretta range of Lambretta spare parts. The Scooter Museum near Milan is also his doing, and that contains a whole load of Innocenti related machines and archive , much of it on loan from the Innocenti family. In a nutshell, Mr Tessera is both very fortunate and very important. Continue reading

Carnaby Street, London, 1967

Carnaby Street, 1967.

Carnaby Street, 1967.

London’s Carnaby Street in 1967 with a Lambretta TV parked closest to the camera.

This image is from a postcard so I’m sorry but we cannot provide any further information that what we can see. Still, it’s a lovely old photograph that deserves to be viewed, doesn’t it?

Big Sucker! Lambretta resto with rare Dellorto carb

Dellorto SS carburettor.

Dellorto SS carburettor.

Don’t get us wrong, scooters are always worth drooling over, but here at Scooternova the mechanics of the machines are often just as interesting too. Take this Dellorto carburettor for example… Continue reading