Rimini Lambretta Centre Open Day

Last week we packed our bags for the ride to the much anticipated Rimini Lambretta Centre Open Day.  It certainly didn’t disappoint! Team RLC worked hard to entertain all the Lambretta enthusiasts who made the trip to their new shop in Poggia Torriana.


Impeccable workshop, stunning displays and a warm welcome met us. The Siluru record breaking Lambretta,  two SX twins and a prototype Lambretta taxi kept everyone entertained. There was even a chance to ride the shop demonstrators featuring the new Casa Lambretta 225cc kit and the BSG developed 305cc engine. 



A full day of scooter heaven was followed by a top party with food, music and more scooter talk into the small hours. Scooter sensory overload.

We’ll still be smiling about this for months.

Lambretta prototype disc brake

Prototype disc brake for Lambretta twin cylinder.

Prototype disc brake for Lambretta twin cylinder.

As we’ve reported here before (fairly recently in fact), Rimini Lambretta Centre have been given the task of recommissioning one of two remaining Lambretta twin-cylinder prototype scooters. Continue reading

Rare Lambretta 200cc prototype twin cylinder – Innocenti test scooter stripped for rebuild

Rimini Lambrett Centre start stripping the Lambretta prototype.

Rimini Lambretta Centre start working on the prototype Lambretta’s unique chassis.

This is more a post to point you in the right direction for some 100% genuine and rare scooter porn! Get your tissues at the ready and start drooling… Continue reading