Vespa Club of Britain Attendance Championship Events

The Vespa Club of Britain have announced their 2019 Attendance Championship Event list.

See the VCB members’ magazine, Vespa News, or their facebook page for more information.

2019 VCB Attendance Championship Events
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Project 5 – another Butcher Garage Vespa


In October of last year we brought you news and pictures of a couple of stunning Vespas  from behind the former Iron Curtain, and now, 12 months later here’s Continue reading

Lambretta Junior original film

The great smallframe scooter battle between Lambretta and Vespa took place in the mid-1960s, which Vespa eventually won. However…  Continue reading

70s TV advert – the ubiquitous Vespa PX

1977 Italian Vespa P-range advert (screen grab – click to view film).

1977 Italian Vespa P-range advert (screen grab – click to view film).

Back in 1977, Italian scooter manufacturer Piaggio launched not just a new Vespa scooter but a new range of Vespas. I’m sure they didn’t realise back then that they’d still be manufacturing a PX in 2015, but they are, and this Italian television advert shows the first models in the range from 1977…

Vespa P-range television advertisement.

Vespa 50 Special – Fully Loaded (Pt. 2)

Following on from our previous post…

Bryn Owen on his Vespa 50

Bryn Owen on his Vespa 50

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Surf’s Up scooter riders!

Piaggio advert from the 1990s for the Vespa ET4.

Piaggio advert from the 1990s for the Vespa ET4.

Packing the scooters for Woolacombe rally this weekend, and with it being a surf mecca for those who can, we thought we’d share this with you all. Continue reading

Scooter Tyres – how safe are yours?

Dunlop tyre advert circa mid-60s

Dunlop tyre advert circa mid-60s

Now in our fourth decade of riding scooters without a break, I’d like to think that here at Scooternova we’ve learned a little about tyres. Gone are the days where cheap ‘n’ cheerful Ditchfinders were the choice simply by virtue of the fact that they cost less than the rest, now we appreciate that road holding, cornering, grip, use in wet weather and a whole host of other features take priority.

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Vespa in Sao Paolo


If you’re in Brazil for the World Cup and are missing your scooter, then from 10 June 2014 to 3 August 2014 there is a an exhibition in Sao Paolo celebrating the culture and design of the Vespa.

For more details visit the website or check out the Facebook page.

The Euro Vespa Rally of 2006 in Torino

Back in 2006 a few of us rode down through France and over the Alps into Italy that summer – on P2s and a T5 – to celebrate 60 years of the Vespa at the EuroVespa Rally in Turin. Continue reading