The Vespa Sport 200 concept scooter

Another concept scooter from the pen of designer Paolo Martin.


Paolo Martin’s 1984 drawing of the Vespa 200 Sport.

This is the Vespa Sport 200 and Martin’s drawings are dated 1984. This puts this scooter on the drawing board around the same time as the Vespa T5, and also while Piaggio were sponsoring the Pole Position trophy for the Formula 1 race series. Continue reading

The Vespa GS 200 – “I ride a GS scooter with my hair cut neat”

So most of us know about the Vespa GS 150 and GS 160, yes? And of course there’s the Vespa PX125E T5 from the 80s, which is also fairly common knowledge amongst scooter enthusiasts too, right?

So how many people do you think are still in the dark about the Vespa GS200?
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